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An essential secret of professional beauty treatments resides in the elaborated selection of your studio equipment. From the functional cosmetic couch to the profitable complete conception of your cosmetic salon to the supply of exclusive care products – these elementary decisions should not be left to chance. Let your profession become a personal and economic success. Offer your costumers a relaxing atmosphere, in which he feels well, to escape the hectical everyday live for a short but valuable moment: He will show his gratefulness in form of loyalty.

Quality and first-class functionality of our products - these are elementary factors which will enrich your everyday life. To the "basics" of our shapely cosmetic couches belong for instance a harmonical as well as an ergonomic design, which offers your costumers a comfortable and effortless lying position. Beyond that all our wellness couches have got a multitude of additional functions and individualization possibilities. Easy exchangeable covers offer friendly splashes of colours and variation. Flexibility is evidenced for example with the removable face field, with which the cosmetic couch can be transformed into a massage couch easily.

Our range of product in the cosmetic area goes much further - take the opportunity and rummage in our high-class assortment for suitable equipment as fluffy towels, heavenly smelling candles, effective cosmetic and styling products as well as effective treatment devices. As a responsible partner for professional equipment for your cosmetic studio we offer an extraordinary multitude. Even the waiting and registration area conveys its awareness of style thranks to the suitable waiting furniture and reception desks. Colours, shapes and materials leave nothing to be desired.

From the single cosmetic product to the whole studio furnishing - our varied supply will convince you and is guarantor for customer satisfaction and guaranteed sales potential.